The C-TAC Sr15 by VFC is equipped with plenty of rail space for attachments.

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NOTE: Be careful when installing the Li-Po battery and adjusting the stock. Pinching the wires could cause an electrical short and cause serious damage to the battery and rifle.


C-TAC Airsoft has launched their full metal AEG’s in Canada. These rifles feature all metal receivers and high quality internal components. All C-TAC AEG’s have an installed M120 spring. C-TAC AEG’s are the only full metal AEG’s in Canada to come packaged with a 7.4V Li-Po battery and balance charger.

The C-TAC SR15 is fully ambidextrous with functional bolt catches, mag releases, and selector switches on both sides of the rifle.

The C-TAC SR15 Tactical features a fully licensed “Knight’s Armament” rail and flip-up front and rear sights. The crane stock is retractable and there is also an included vertical fore grip. The included magazine holds 120 rounds.

  • Full metal receiver
  • Heat treated reinforced gears
  • Metal ball bearing spring guide
  • Reinforced piston
  • High compression metal piston head
  • Steel selector plate
  • Tight bore barrel (6.04mm)

Whats in the box?

  • 1 x C-TAC SR15
  • 1 x 120 Round Mid-Cap Mag
  • 1 x 7.4V 1500mAh Li-Po battery
  • 1 x Li-Po Balance charger
  • 2 x Rail Covers
  • 1 x Vertical Fore Grip
  • 1 x Manual


  • Velocity 375 – 381 FPS
  • Hop Up Yes, adjustable
  • Barrel Thread 14mm Negative
  • Barrel Length 340mm
  • Blowback No
  • Gear Box Metal, Version 2
  • Motor Type Torque Up, Long Type
  • Gun Stock Crane
  • Fire Modes Safe, Semi, Full Auto
  • Magazine Capacity 120 rounds
  • Caliber 6mm
  • Warranty 15 Days


Standard Warranty: 15 Days

Additional Warranty: Available Here

Warranties only cover manufacturer defects.
Warranties do not cover wear and tear, misuse, abuse, improper installation, or incompatibility. Internal modifications, external modifications, permanent cosmetic modifications, and/ or disassembly will void any and all warranties.

Weight4 kg
Dimensions95.5 × 28.5 × 9 cm
Body Style



C-Tac Airsoft, VFC





Propellant Type


  1. Corey S

    This is a solid M4 platform that is completely customizable to everyone’s taste. Really love the weight and feel of the gun. Also I ended up getting the rifle a week early which was cool. I run this gun with a mock suppressor that threads onto the -14mm threaded barrel, a vortex venom red dot, and a Knights Armament vertical foregrip. It is by far the best gun Ive owned but nothings perfect so here’s some pros and cons:

    Pros: Full metal construction externally and internal, real Knights Armament markings and unique individual serial number (mines 12E00012), functional bolt catch making the hop-up easy to adjust, fully ambidextrous functions, full length rail system with absolutely zero wobble or slop to it, it shoots very consistantly and I was able to hit a coffee can at 50 yards easily with .20g bbs, the upper and lower takedown of the gun is made easy by pulling a single captured body pin, the box comes with a battery, balance charger, scar style flip up detachable rear iron sight, foregrip and a metal midcap magazine

    Cons: first thing I noticed out of the box is the left side safety selector switch is loose, and to fix that I would have to remove the entire gear box which I am not going to do unless Im going to be doing some upgrades aswell, the crane stock has quite abit of wobble to it (but was easily fixed with a band of electrical tape on the buffer tube) the battery is difficult to fit in, also it is a 7.4v 1400mAh lipo which seems to be underpowered for the gun, the battery life seems to be less than an hour when target practicing or about 2000 bbs, the pistol grip also was getting fairly warm after shooting awhile, the front flip up sight is part of the rail system and is kind of wobbly and has very limited adjustment

    With all this said if you’re planning on getting this rifle I recomend getting an aftermarket front sight of your choice and a bigger better battery. It also looks super cool with a suppressor lol

  2. Landon

    People always tell me, expensive isn’t always better but, this gun is worth it. Its got power, distance, it’s not too long nor too short. The only downsides have to be the sights, which are very difficult to see out of in the middle of battle, and two the wires for the battery make it difficult to use all the “6” slides on the stock. My favorite part has to be the rails and they fix the problem with the sights and give you a lot of room for costomization. Overall I enjoy this gun very much and I’m happy I made this purchase. I recommend it to anyone who loves to airsoft and enjoys to costomize. Enjoy

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Electric guns, or more commonly known as AEGs, are the most popular form of airsoft gun. Their popularity is due to their consistency, ability to upgrade, and availability. The are powered using rechargeable batteries. The most common being NiMH or LiPO. Stock AEG rifles in Canada typically shoot 366 FPS+ using a 0.20g BB. The majority of AEGs have a fire selector, allowing you to choose between Safe, Semi-Automatic, and Full-Automatic. The AEG is the most recommended platform for all of these reasons.


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What is the difference between CO2 and Green Gas? Here is a quick comparison: CO2 is a high pressure gas, meaning you will get a higher velocity and a snappier blowback. They perform better in colder temperatures and typically last longer in a pistol magazine than Green Gas does. Green Gas is a mixture of propane and silicone oil. This prevents your guns seals from being dried out. It doesn’t perform as well as CO2 in colder temperatures, but it is typically cheaper than CO2 and it causes less strain on your guns. There is no clear cut winner between the two, so if you have questions, please email our staff at info@buyairsoft.ca!


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